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Kalabari Bibi

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"Kalabari" is a language spoken by a vibrant Kingdom of people in the Niger Delta of Nigeria, specifically Rivers State. The Kalabaris or Kengema, as they are also called, occupy three of the twenty three local government areas of Rivers State namely, ASALGA, AKULGA and DELGA, and live in more than 50 towns, villages and fishing settlements. The Kalabaris, who due to their versatility and vibrant nature are found all over Nigeria and in the Diaspora, have a rich linguo - cultural heritage which dates back to the 12th century, albeit with the attendant dynamism and modernism which the passage of time brings upon every people.

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On this site, everything about the linguo-cultural heritage of great Kalabari will be taught. This will, not only help our children in the Diaspora to learn how to speak, read and write in the language, but also to help preserve our mother tongue as long as the Internet will last; it is an ongoing project.