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The Kalabari form (Kf) for Personification is given as [Pasọnịfịkesọnị] and defined in Kalabari below:

Pasọnịfịkesọnị anịẹ dumonyanawa ye kẹ tombọ ẹrẹ, anịnịa tombọ yemịyẹmịyẹ b’ra  na  tọma.


Personification is a figure of speech where inanimate objects are endowed with human qualities or are represented as having human form. Personification can also be called  prosopopeia


However, in the Kalabari Language, it is more appropriate to substitute the personal pronouns given to  inanimate objects with the gender, anị with b serving sometimes as an intensifier. For example: 


The sun shone in her strength! = Irụa mẹ (anị bẹ) krọ kẹ biam!  


...more to come




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