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The Kalabari form (Kf) for Adverb is given as [Advab] and defined in Kalabari below:

Advab anịẹ mịẹye kiri ọkịar’ b’ra kẹ  Wa dier’ ẹkwẹn bbị.

NB: Words which answer the questions  how?, when? (i.e words which show us the manner, time and day, etc of an action) are adverbs. To express most of them  that end in (- ly ), add the Kalabari phrase (bara kẹ contracted as b'ra kẹ), after the head word. e.g:

Come peacefully   = dein b'ra kẹ bo

Do it carefully     = ye bala b'ra kẹ anị miye [or] dein deinma mịyẹ

He swallowed it quickly = O fọnya b'ra kẹ anị mẹnịm
...more to come


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