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Verbs Continued (2)

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(using the Infinitives

           to come = bo,

           to dance = sẹkị,

           to sweep = ọfịn

           to defecate = bịyẹ

           to eat = ye fị


and the adjectives:

           big = duba

           tall = gele

           good = ibi


NB: The auxiliaries are given in red


(1) do! : Sweep it now = mọkụ anị ọfịin


(2) do not! : Do not dance again = Barị sin sẹkị ma

                      Do not defecate here = Mịanga bịyẹ ma


(3) do / does

 For interrogative tone

 Does he come here? = Mịanga O bo bo?

 Do they eat well? = In ibima ye fị fị? 


For affirmative tone

      He comes here everyday = Enegoyegoye mịanga O bo bom

 They eat well = In ibima ye fịar'


(4) do not / does not

 For interrogative tone

 Doesn't she come today? =  Mịmgba A bo bo wa? 

 Doesn't he sweep well? = Or ibima ọfịn 'fin yaa?                         


For affirmative tone

 She does not dance well = Ar ibima sẹkị sẹkị yaa

 They don't come on Sundays = Sọsị ene In bo bo waa


(5) am, is, are:    I am dancing = A sẹkịar'

                              They are coming = In boar'

                              He is asleep = O mono wrar'

                              Boma is a wise child = Boma ow' yenimi tụb

                              They are in the house = In warị bio emii



(6) am not, is not, are not

       For interrogative tone

                            Am I not tall? = A gele wa?  (contracted: gele'a?)

                            Is Dein not dancing? = Dein (ma) A sẹkị ya?


       For affirmative tone

Home workmake sentences for the affirmative tone 



(7) has / have 

       For interrogative tone:  Has she come? = A bo tẹ?

       For affirmative tone:   We have swept = Wa ọfịn  tẹẹ 



(8) has not / have not

        For interrogative tone

        Has she not come?= M' A bo wa?

        Have you not swept the house? = Warị mẹ m' I ọfịn ya?


Home workmake sentences for the affirmative tone 



(9) did

      For interrogative tone

      Leave the main verb in its Infinitive form: 

      Did you come? = I bo?

      Did you sweep the floor? = Kiri mẹ I ọfịn?


      For affirmative tone

      Add  m as suffix to the main verb:

      Did you come? Yes, I came = I bo? Iin, A bom


... to continue




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