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Kalabari Text Abbreviations

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Kalabari Text Abbreviations

Text abbreviations are used by writers to save time and space while writing. To make the kalabari language richer and easy to work with by Kalabari writers,poets, etc. some English text abbreviations and their  meanings have been translated and adapted into the Kalabari language. The abbreviations in the kalabari versions are in blue while the meanings are in green:
c, ca  [circa] = about, approximatelly ....  kb  [ke bee]
cf = compare, confer .... kt  [ke toma]
do  [ditto] = the same ..... gbb [gboru b'ra]
ed.cit = the edition cited ...... kdd  [kee te In duko diri]
e.g [exempli gratia] = for example .... k.e [ke elekima swa b'ra bu]
et al  [et alia] = and others ..... n.ja [na japu na]
et seq  [et sequentia] = and the following ..... n.ts [ na turoko sime ye]
f = folio .... dp [diri pamba]
ff = following pages .... tsdp [ turoko sime diri apamba]
f.v  [folio verso] = on the back of the page ..... dpo  [diri pamba obukulo]
ibid  [ibidem] = in the same book, page, chapter,etc .... gb.d  [gboru diri me bio]
id   [idem] = the same ..... gbb  [gboru b'ra]
i.e  [id est] = that is ..... a.n  [anee]
loc.cit  [loco citato] = in the place cited ..... id.ang  [ In duko anga me]
MS = manuscript .... mkd   [ mu keeabe diri]
NB  [nota bene] = note well..... Ibl [ibima lekiri]
op.cit   [opera citato] = in the work cited... id.kor  [In duko korinama me bio]
q.v   [quod vide] = which may be reffered to .... a.d  [ani diki]
re = with regard to .... mgb [mieme gboloma ye]
sic = intentionally so written ..... nk  [nimite keem]
v.i   [vide infra] = see below ..... s.d  [sukubio diki]
viz  [videlicet] = namely .... a.n  [anee]
v.s  [vide supra] =see above .... o.d [ogono diki]

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