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Kalabari Historical Highlights

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As supplied by the erudite Kalabari Historian,

* Mr. Daboikiabo Jack


1. Bishop Ajayi Crowther with Capt. Babington comes to Elem Kalabari in 1866

2. Kalabari Civil War breaks out, 1879 - 1881. War between Chief Will Braide and the rest of the Kingdom. It was  called the Obia Market War.

3. Bakana (Oba -ama) co - founded by two illustrous Kalabari sons - Chief Igbanibo Will-Braide and Chief Amabaraye Iyalla (India John Yellowe, originally from Tombia) disperses from Elem Kalabari and settles in its present site, 1881.

4. Abonnema (Nyemoni with original name as (Isiowu ama) disperses from Elem Kalabari and settles in its present site, 1882; second largest Kalabari town. Chief Isiowu Oruwari (Young Briggs or Ebu) first came with the entire Akiala group and settled there in 1881. In 1882, the houses of Owukori, Iju(Jack) and Otaji joined him.

5. Buguma (Asari) and Obuama disperse from Elem Kalabari and settle in their present respective sites, 1884. It was King Abbi Amachree IV with his able men - Chief Goerge Amachree , Ikiri Johnbull and Omekwe Horsefall who brought the remaining groups of kalabari houses to Asari.

6. St. Andrews Church founded at Bakana under Rev. F.D.Garrick, 1885

7.Bishop Crowther Memorial School established in Abonnema, 1889.

8. Tombia originally called Nyankpo.

9. Ilelema (corrupted from the original name Lolo ama) - a kalabari town that emigrated from Benin (called Iselema by the Kalabaris) to its present site about 1118AD. It is beleived to have been funded by King Lolo.

10. Ke and Ilelema are the oldest Kalabari Towns followed by Angulama.


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