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The Kalabari form (Kf) for Article is given as [Atịkụlụ] and examples given below:


1. a = gbọrụ      

2. an =   gbọrụ           

3. the =  3 forms exist: b  mẹ and   ma


NB: In the Kalabari language, the article "the" exists in several forms depending if the noun that follows is singular or plural; masculine or feminine. 

NB:   In the Kalabari language, "the" comes after the noun as opposed to coming before it in the English language.
the  + ( singular masculine) =  be   
                 e.g   Tell the man to come  =  Duko owib be p'ri O bo
the  + ( plural masculine) = ma
                 e.g   The men are here  =  Owiapụ ma In bo tẹẹ
                          The Kings are leaving = Amadapụ ma In soar'
the  + ( singular  / plural feminine)  =   ma 
                 e.g  The girl is tall = Ereb tụb ma A gele wrar' 
                         The girls are sleeping  = Eremina awmẹ ma In monoar'
the + ( singular inanimate ) = mẹ
                  e.g Lift up the chair  = Ingada mẹ sakị gelemaa
                         Break the egg = Anyị mẹ baa
the + ( plural inanimate) = ma
                  Please arrange the chairs  =  Sisi  ịngada ma dẹẹ
                  Go and wash the spoons  = Mu ịngajị ma sịkịrịị
The  + names of persons    
Unlike in the English language, " the " can be used with the names of persons in the Kalabari language.    e.g     Boma has returned  = Boma ma A pịkịmabo tẹẹ.
The  + possessive nouns
 Here "the" can be expressed or omitted.    
            e.g  The grace of God = Tamụn  dikibụjịrị (mẹ)


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