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Nasalized Words

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In the Kalabari Language the letter  n  (in red) is silent in the following words.This means it should not be stressed. It takes the sound of the gerund that is the [- ing]

bịẹịn   =  yesterday

bin = full

dein  =  peace

din = night

dụẹịn  = corpse, cadaver, phantom

kwn = speak

foin  = float

fọịn = confiscate, seize, rush

fun = gabbage

fụn = salt

gban = close

gbin = throw, sew

gbọn = bite (of snake)

igoin = poverty

kan = tear

kịẹn = count

kiin = wink

kọn = wealth

kọọn = remain

kn = honour

kuun= arrest, catch

ofịn = sweep

ogboin = mango

onwigbolị = gravel

san = urine, nn;   urinate, vb

sịịn  =  call

siin =  remove, take away

sịn  = tree, plant

sun = hat, beret, cap, nn;  sing, vb

tẹịn = float away

tọn = measure, plan 

tọnaa  =  unplan


The presence of 'n' makes the preceeding vowel nasalized, that is sounding like [-ing]. Hence, these words are refered to as Nasalized (being partially pronounced through the nose)


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